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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Episode 31 - Special Birthday Edition

"Special Birthday Edition"
Video Game News and Rants for October 28th 2007

Episode 31 topics:

00:01 The Pharoah's Birthday!
00:02 Rear Ending (The Bad Kind)
00:03 Beautiful Katamari (X360)
00:05 Culdcept Saga (X360)
00:12 New LCD TV
00:18 Scary Real 120HZ TV
00:23 Skate: Difficulty Vs. Fun
00:30 Beautiful Katamari Reprise
00:32 Hellgate: London (PC)
00:34 The Orange Box (Multi)
00:36 Echochrome: M.C. Escheresque
00:39 Puzzle Quest (XBLA)
00:40 Castlevania: Order of Shadows (Mobile)
00:41 Guitar Hero III (Multi)
00:52 Ps2 Turns 7 years old
00:52 Manhunt 2 (PS2/Wii)
00:53 Timeshift (Multi)
00:54 The Simpsons Game (Multi)
00:55 Tabula Rasa (PC)
00:56 Virtua Fighter 5 Online (X360)
00:57 Viva Pinata: Party Animals (X360)
00:58 Battalion Wars 2 (Wii)
00:59 Eye of Judgement (PS3)
01:00 Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD (Ps3)
01:02 Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (PSP)
01:03 Stranglehold (PS3)
01:03 Halo Makes People Violent
01:04 Metal Gear Set in Japan
01:05 Stargate MMO
01:06 EA wants a single console
01:06 Wipeout HD losing content (PS3)
01:07 Gamestop no longer offering X360 Warranty
01:08 IPTV coming to X360 Soon?
01:09 Warner Bros. Cartoons on XBLA
01:10 Spore on Wii
01:13 GYHPBSotW: Culdcept (PS2)
01:14 Signoff: Culdcept - Power Game

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    Goonsquad represent.

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