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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Episode 36 - One Handed Gaming

"One Handed Gaming"
Video Game News and Rants for March 19th 2008

Episode 36 topics:
00:00 Intro: Guitar Hero (Song)
00:01 Bad Days
00:05 Not Enough Gaming Time
00:07 Blockbuster Gaming Rentals
00:10 Lost Odyssey Quandary
00:14 Katsu's Old PC Games
00:17 Army of Two (Multi)
00:28 Travian/Sins of a Solar Empire (PC)
00:34 DJ Portable Max (PSP)
00:35 Harvey Birdman (PSP)
00:38 Patapon (PSP)
00:46 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Multi)
00:47 Sega Superstar Tennis (Multi)
00:50 Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (PS3)
00:51 MGS: The Essential Collection (PS2)
00:53 Epic Games Now on Steam
00:54 The Ship (PC)
00:55 Boston Mayor: Games as Porn
00:56 Spanish for No Reason
01:03 Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)
01:06 Chun-Li Movie Casting Update
01:19 Acer Gaming Machine
01:13 Best Buy Rebates for HD-DVD Players
01:14 Ben Heck's One-Handed X360 Controller
01:17 Katsu's Announces Kid #2
01:18 Mario Kart Wii Controller
01:19 XBLA Hits (Discount) Games
01:20 Super Smach Bros. Brawl 1.4M Sold
01:21 GT5 Prologue 1M Pre-Orders (Europe)
01:22 No SSF2THD Beta for PS3
01:23 Haze (PS3)
01:24 PC Gaming
01:26 IotW: Mayor of Boston
01:27 Singoff: Mario Kart Double Dash Theme

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