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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Episode 4 - Where's the Pharoah?

"Where is the Pharoah?"
Video Game News and Rants for November 9th 2006

Episode 4 topics:

00:00 Where's the Pharoah?
00:06 Buying a Console at Launch
00:10 Gears of War
00:23 Guitar Hero 2
00:25 3rd Party Guitar Hero Controller Issues
00:31 Zelda - Twilight Princess
00:35 New Stuff Coming Out
00:40 Xavix Vs Wii and Wii Badmouthing
00:48 Nintendo DS
00:51 Wii Pre-Orders
00:54 PS3 Line Forming 9 days Ahead
00:56 Blu-Ray
01:00 Quadraphonic Sound and TK-421
01:04 Spike TV VGA Awards
01:34 Signoffs

My Odeo Channel (odeo/bbded88197aea8f2)

Direct Download: Here (Warning: Don't try to play this directly. The audio will skip. Use the player on the upper right if you want to listen to it from your web browser.)

Please post comments for this episode and questions for the next episode in the comments section for this post.


  • Woot Woot!!! MCMackStupidMack was pretty lame though. :) can't wait for the next one :) maybe next time you should have some guests and have some trivia games :)

    By Blogger Lulu, at 4:18 PM  

  • Being the Pharoah's significant other, and would no doubt be forced to watch "Rumor has it" with the Pharoah (although Tequila would make watching easier, but also a bad review), I refuse to post a comment on the previous episode to get the count up to 30. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:41 PM  

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