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Friday, December 01, 2006

Episode 7 - Now with more Added Filler

"Fill'er Up!"
Video Game News and Rants for November 29th 2006

Episode 7 topics:

00:00 PS3 Update
00:03 HD Movies
00:07 Blu-ray Filler
00:10 Yellow Dog Linux for PS3
00:16 Best and Worst Launch Titles Ever (IGN)
00:25 Wii Virtual Console Improvements
00:28 Scarce Accessories Redux
00:30 Game Store Employees
00:35 Fanboyism
00:38 Microsoft Branding Games for Windows
00:40 Different Types of NextGen Owners
00:42 New Virtual Console Titles
00:45 Xbox 360 Price Cut Possibility
00:47 Poop Socking to 100,000
00:49 U.S. Copyrights Update
00:55 Marvel Ultimate Alliance (X360) Update
00:56 Pointless Rambling Slash Filler
00:58 PS3 1.11 Firmware Update
00:59 More Rambling to Fill Out the Hour
01:03 Still Rambling for Some Reason
01:05 Signoff

My Odeo Channel (odeo/bbded88197aea8f2)

Direct Download: Here (Warning: Don't try to play this directly. The audio will skip. Use the player on the upper right if you want to listen to it from your web browser.)

Please post comments for this episode and questions for the next episode in the comments section for this post.


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