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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Episode 9 - Sick for the Holidays

"Sick for the Holidays"
Video Game News and Rants for January 9th 2007

Episode 9 topics:

00:00 Back from the Holiday Break
00:03 PS2 Games Looking Crappy on PS3
00:05 Gaming in 1080p
00:07 Gran Turismo HD
00:10 Xbox 360 Hardware Scaling Chip
00:15 IPTV and Streaming TV
00:21 HDMI Xbox 360
00:22 Bigger Xbox 360 Hard Drive
00:27 Post Holiday Wii Thoughts
00:31 Post Holiday PS3 Thoughts
00:40 New Gen Predictions
00:43 Rainbow Six Vegas (Xbox 360)
00:46 Gears of War Ending (Xbox 360)
00:47 Worst Game Endings
00:49 Genji and Old Gen Gameplay
00:54 Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360)
00:55 Carmack Developing for Nintendo Platform
00:57 Gamestop buys Rhino Videogames
00:59 Small Arms (XBLA)
01:00 Emulation
01:04 Sign Offs

My Odeo Channel (odeo/bbded88197aea8f2)

Direct Download: Here (Warning: Don't try to play this directly. The audio will skip. Use the player on the upper right if you want to listen to it from your web browser.)

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