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Friday, October 27, 2006

Episode 2 is up!

Here's what we talk about this week in Episode 2 "Basically, this is Episode 2...":
  • Lik-Sang Closes!
  • Cheap Xbox 360 Games
  • Gears of War Video at Gamestop
  • Wii Component Cables
  • PS3 Controller Batteries
  • Game Achievement Points
  • Halo Movie Update
  • World of Warcraft & MMORPGs
  • Listener Question: What's the deal with First Person Games & Japan?
  • PS3 = Good Value?
  • Console Hard Drive Usage
  • Wii DVD Player... Not!
  • Classic Games on New Consoles
  • Scary Games for Halloween
  • New Xbox 360 Dashboard Soon?
  • New Xbox 3 Chip Research started
  • Lumines Pricing
  • Game Recommendations
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Direct Download

Figured I'd give you all a direct link just in case you just want to download it directly:

Direct Download The Jaded Gamers Podcast Episode 001

Now on Odeo

I've added The Jaded Gamers podcast to Odeo!

My Odeo Channel (odeo/bbded88197aea8f2)

Check it out!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Questions/Comments for Episode 001

OK, guys, put your questions and comments for our pilot episode here. Get them in by Wednesday at 5pm (Central) and we'll respond to them in Episode 002!

First "Pilot" Podcast is up!

How cool am I? Seriously? How cool? I actually followed through with something for once! The "Pilot" Episode of The Jaded Gamers is now up! I even got the RSS shit working. Go ahead and add this to your podcast subscription software:

You can also just check out the podcast from your browser at the Internet Archive:

So, yeah, remember this is the pilot... the test run. I'm working on getting better mics, streamlining the outline, and improving my "radio presence" without sounding too much like a stereotype radio DJ.

We'll get better. I promise. For now, we need your help! We need feedback/questions for our next cast. This is a weekly show, so get those feedback comments and questions into the comments of the next post! Ask away!

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