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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Episode 11 - Tose Actually Recorded This Podcast

"Tose Actually Recorded This Podcast"
Video Game News and Rants for January 30th 2007

Episode 11 topics:

00:01 Entertainment Center Redux
00:02 Console Segregation
00:04 PS3 1.5 Firmware Fixes PS2 Games
00:07 RSS Feeds
00:09 More PS3 HDMI Woes
00:12 Gears of War Multiplayer
00:14 Rainbow Six Vegas Ending
00:18 Voltron-esque Collector's Edition Cases
00:21 More Rainbow Six Vegas
00:23 Analog Blur (Copyright 2007 TJG)
00:26 DS Piracy
00:33 Windows Vista and DirectX 10 Gaming
00:39 Unreal Tournament 3... FIGHT!
00:46 PS3 Losing More Exclusives
00:47 The Nintendo Miiniigame
00:48 Trading in Games
00:52 Sony Marketing Gets Confused... Again
00:58 Wii in Black and Red **
01:00 Wii News Channel
01:03 Namco + Sony = Cellius
01:09 Virtua Fighter 5
01:12 Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)
01:16 God of War 2 (PS2)
01:17 Tose
01:23 Working for Nintendo
01:25 Custom Xbox 360 Replacement Cases
01:29 Play-Asia $40 Xbox 360 Games Revisited
01:34 eBay, eSnipe and Cheap PS3 Games
01:41 Signoffs

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** Just want to clarify: A portion of Apple's red iPod sales goes to AIDS research, not to AIDS itself. ;)


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