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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Episode 12 - The One the Pharoah Put Together

The Jaded Gamers Episode 012
"The One the Pharoah Put Together"

Episode 12 topics:

00:01 Lost Planet (X360)
00:03 100% Finishes
00:05 Unlocking
00:06 B.S. Mario Games
00:08 More Lost Planet (X360)
00:10 Budweiser Tapper (XBLA) and Retro Food
00:16 Bully (PS2)
00:18 Kingdom Hearts II Remix (PS2)
00:20 Halo 3 Beta and Crackdown (X360)
00:25 Virtua Tennis 3 and 1080p (X360/PS3)
00:29 Blu-ray beating HD-DVD
00:31 GameStop charging over MSRP
00:33 New Quieter Xbox 360 DVD Drive
00:36 Virtual Console Update (Wii)
00:37 Final Fantasy VI (GBA)
00:40 Egg Challenge
00:42 PS3 Resellers Moaning
00:45 Vista Thoughts
00:58 Signoffs

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