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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Episode 14 - Zombies ate my Crackdown

"Zombies ate my Crackdown"
Video Game News and Rants for February 28th 2007

Episode 14 topics:

00:01 Crackdown is Crack (X360)
00:06 Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3)
00:07 Alien Hominid (XBLA)
00:10 Old Spice Challenge Completed
00:12 Supreme Commander
00:13 Updating N64 Games via PC Emulators
00:14 Halo 2 for Windows Vista Live
00:16 Controller vs. Keyboard/Mouse -- FIGHT!
00:21 Bullet Witch (X360)
00:22 F1 Championship Edition (PS3)
00:23 SSX Blur (Wii)
00:25 Chili con Carnage (PSP)
00:26 PAL PS3s Gimped
00:32 Best Buy Clearance
00:35 Idiot of the Week: Mark Miller
00:38 Ghost Rider (Theater/PS2)
00:44 Sony Execs on Crack
00:48 What MS is Doing Right
00:50 Hatin' on Nintendo
00:52 Digital Distrubution
00:54 More Crackdown

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