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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Episode 16 - Cracked Down and Out

"Cracked Down and Out"
Video Game News and Rants for March 14th 2007

Episode 16 topics:

00:01 Disastrous Beginnings
00:02 Crackdown Review Start
00:03 Review Approaches
00:07 Ain't Broke Don't Fix
00:10 Killing in the Name of
00:12 Crackdown Review Wrapup
00:20 Lost Planet Impression (X360)
00:21 MotorStorm Impression (PS3)
00:23 0 Game Attachment Ratios on PS3
00:24 Lobot
00:25 Worms (XBLA)
00:26 TMNT (XBLA)
00:27 God of War II (PS2)
00:28 Armored Core 4 (PS3/X360)
00:32 Quasi-IotW: Mark Rein
00:36 HD-DVD
00:38 UMDs Still Suck
00:40 Windows Live
00:41 PSP Redesign Coming
00:43 Computer Games Magazine RIP
00:45 SXSW Interactive Festival
00:46 Gaming without Electricity
00:47 Signoffs

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