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Friday, March 23, 2007

Episode 17 - Good Enough

"Good Enough"
Video Game News and Rants for March 21st 2007

Episode 17 topics:

00:01 Dragon's Lair in HD
00:04 BBC Earth in HD
00:06 Toshiba Smacks Down Blu-ray Numbers
00:07 Castlevania: SotN (XBLA/PSP)
00:09 The 8800 GTS Saga
00:18 Gloom (Card)
00:24 MotorStorm (PS3)
00:28 PS3 Firmware 1.60 Update
00:29 Folding@Home (PS3)
00:33 SplitFish FragFX Controller (PS3)
00:34 More PS3 1.60 Update Features
00:37 Background Downloading on PS3
00:38 PS3 Release Date Broken in Italy
00:39 Game Previews... Bad?
00:43 IotW: George Broussard
00:45 Devil May Cry 4 now also on X360
00:47 Virtua Tennis 3 (X360)
00:49 Black Xbox 360 Elite in April
00:52 Xbox 360 Core
00:56 Sega Saturn Launch Fiasco
00:58 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (PC)
01:01 GRAW2 Co-Op Runthrough
01:04 Samurai Champloo (PS2)
01:07 Signoffs

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